I love to see branding becoming more and more important. Companies pay more attention to the image they portrait, influential individuals become brands themselves. It comes as no surprise – more and more people fight for attention in the market and branding is one of the key elements to target the appropriate customer. I believe branding should be done delicately, so that all its part work flawlessly and get attention of the public.


What is included in the service?

Branding is a complex design process. Every branding I design includes at minimum a design of logo and a business card, however it does not end there. Depending on the type of customer, further designs are developed for the platforms where needed - for restaurants, it includes designs of menu, announcement posters, typography, even a website; for retailers, it includes packaging design and online campaigns; for influencers there are social media ads and merchandise. It depends up to you how wide you want your branding to stretch.

How long does it take?

For brandings containing 2-3 design variations, it takes 1-2 months. For projects with 4+ design variations, it takes 2+ months until final delivery of all the files (with design consultations of separate stages during the time period).

Who is this service for?

It might still seem that design of branding is only for companies or influential individuals. However, these days it becomes almost a standard having a personal branding for everyone - not just businesses, but individuals as well. Whether its portfolio of your work, a small shop in a little town or your crafts you make - take advantage of your passion and present it to potential customers in style.