As I am sitting here at the Vienna airport terminal, about to pursue yet another life change, I feel obliged to write the following words…

Having only the age of 25, I have decided to stop overthinking. I stopped wondering where I might have gone, what I could have done. I felt the life in my years was slipping away, not finding its true value. This happened earlier this year and today, 3rd September 2017, I await for the plane to France that will take me away from the stereotypes, from the dreams, from the thoughts, from overthinking, from the fear of future that blocks my presence.

Today, I stop pondering. I stop feeling weird talking to a camera in public. I document my journey. I speak new language. Meet new people. And yes — from now on I cook that meal that doesn’t work out well the first time; but there’s always another try 🙂

From today on, I document. Because there’s no reason not to.

And that’s exactly what I invite all of you to do — we have one life. Forget about your comfort — create a new one. I cannot wait to see your next goal 🙂

Until next time,