NAY has a very strong position on the Slovak market, with around 25% share of all the large electronics purchases (home appliances) in the country. However, while having a strong physical presence of dozens of stores, its online platforms had started to be a little outdated. The goal was to improve the platforms, with the company’s 30th anniversary around the corner.


Redesign the internal employee digital tool, used for sell transactions. Meanwhile build a new design system with all the elements used in the new tool design.

Since the specifics of internal tool are not to be shown, we can take a look on the structure of the design system of this tool. As Figma offers great design system features, we have chosen this platform for our system. From the beginning we have known that the client showed an interest in reviewing the progress of the design system on a regular basis. That is why we have decided to create a live prototype in Figma, that resembled a “website layout”, so that it was easier for the client to follow the progress.

Eventually, the design system would be used by other companies, too – especially for building certain new sections of the internal tool. That’s why it was important for us not to just create a styleguide or list of basic components, but to also provide each and every element with 2 important information:

  1. Behavior – how does the element behaves on the website
  2. Recommendation – when you should use the element and when you shouldn’t

This would help all the future designs to have consistent composition and design and would ensure that any other designer would be able to build a webpage with this design system.

On top of all the basic components, we have also created section in design system especially for use of modal windows, information cards and other “templates” with specific guidelines on how they behave – this would particularly help the 3rd party developers to prepare the live webpages quicker and without less misunderstandings.

The new internal tool design with the new design has shown to be a successful project within the company, improving the usability of the employee tool, better and quicker interaction with the customers and a well documented design system to develop the design from.