In 2021, Orange company introduced their new mobile application for users of all their services. Since Orange operates in multiple countries, each of them has specific needs for their market, as services vary from country to country.  I was fortunate enough to be part of the product design team and lead several projects.


Design country-specific mobile app sections, so that the application is understandable and usable in a Slovak market. Validate the design with the appropriate respondents. Make sure to use and develop set design system.

The basic core of the application is available for all the countries where Orange operates. However, in Slovakia, we had decided to look at specific areas from Slovak users’ point of view and went back into high-fidelity wireframing. We have focused on the main areas of usage; for instance Onboarding, Security, Dashboard / Homescreen, Invoicing and Campaign management.

At this point, only a selection of redesigned areas have been developed and published, thus I am not able to yet present any more outcomes than those which are already in the application. These designs should, however, be available to preview in the upcoming months.