For quite some time now, I have been looking into improving my work planning and productivity. Over the years, I have tested several planning apps and task managers but have almost always found their functionalities overcomplicated with an interface that pulls the attention away. This has created an idea to come up with a concept of planner application, which provides the essential minimum of functionality and interface complexity, so that your tasks and goals get all the attention.


Design a minimalistic concept of a planner application, with functionalities and user interface designed at the bare minimum, so that they put all the focus on the task itself.

Over the years of trying out different tools, I have written down a list of functionalities I use and excluded those I never touch. Based on this information, I had created a priority list for all the screens.

Once the priority list was set, I started to experiment with the minimalistic design put the list into a simple and clean design, in order to create my first MVP.

During the design process, I had also though of different state screens and started building a design system for the mobile application.

Currently, the concept is still in development, with user testing in plan and tablet and web app concept in design. Make sure to watch my portfolio or Dribbble account, in order to find out more about this project.