At the start of 2022, I had taken part in a 48h hackathon called Open API hackathon, with focus on coming up with new services for Raiffeisen Bank, using their open API infrastructure.


Develop a solution looking at supplemental banking or non-banking digital services and bring valuable features to RBI customers using RBI satellite apps approach and RBI’s open API infrastructure. Explore potential concepts outside of the banking sector eg. lifestyle changes, environment solutions, health sector etc. suitable and scalable to 14 countries of the RBI bank network and, at a minimum, build a clickable wireframe that will take into account business desirability, viability as well as feasibility.

Together with two friends of mine, we have chosen a classical approach in a project development, starting with open API infrastructure research, current banking services and conducted several interviews with the event attendees.

Once we have gathered all the data, we had started to follow a pattern of people’s struggle with banking literacy and overspending. Thus we had come up with an idea of creating an allowance app which, in contradiction to a classical budgeting app, will give you the possibility to not only preview your spending history, but will also give you the power to set an allowance for specific categories, so that you can get better at your spending and saving. Each of the allowances is connected to a specific virtual card, with which you can pay for a specific category, so that your spendings are spent from the specific allowance. This also give the bank a much clearer data about your spending habits.

While designing the app, we have developed the screens by, firstly defining priority lists, then creating wireframes and finally, we had prepared final designs and created a fully functional prototype in Figma.

Below, you can find a selection of the application design.

Our idea had made it all the way into the hackathon finals and we had taken an overall 2nd place. Feel free to browse through the prototype by clicking on the button below.