It happens very often that the power of a nice print is underrated. Posters that do not stand out, messages that are misinterpreted, brochures that are overfilled with useless information. My goal is to create graphics that make people want to take the prints with themselves, graphics that are remembered and not those that are just passed by.


What is included in the service?

The initial design brief is done either via a meeting or an email - in here we discuss your desired design direction, format of the print or graphic, its target location and the timeline. Also, we set up a list of texts & images required for the project that the customer should provide with. The service then includes 1st draft with 2 design proposals and mockups (sample of placement in target environment), secondary adjustment of the chosen proposal and final delivery of the files in all the formats.

How long does it take?

Simple prints such as logos, posters and one-page flyers are usually done within one month. Complicated prints such as books, poster series, company branding or packaging takes more than one month, depending on the complexity of the design, making sure the design is on point.

What prints / graphics can be made?

Posters, flyers, brochures, books, logos, company branding, business cards, product packaging, bottle labels and etiquettes, wedding announcements, online ads, social media campaigns... there's almost no limit.

How are designs delivered?

Everything is handed to you in the final form - if the design goes for print, it is delivered prepared for printing to you and to the printer; if the design is aimed for screens, it is delivered in different compatible formats making sure it will fit any of the need; logos are delivered in different color variations and formats... you will not need to worry about matters like "converting" or "resizing" anymore.