I love creating meaningful websites – for people with great stories, companies with meaningful content. It is like creating an online home – getting to know the personality and translating it into an online story in form of a completely personalised website.


What is included in the service?

I take care of everything, so that all you can focus on is your vision for website. As part of the service, there are 3-4 meetings at place of your choice (1. Design Brief, 2. & 3. Website iterations, 4. Final handover meeting), purchase of domain, setup of web-hosting at top-end server provider, 2 design proposals, final fully operational website, website use training (during handover meeting). Optionally, for annual charge, I keep an eye on the website, making sure all server payments are handled, website is secure and provide a support to the client.

How long does it take?

Time varies - simple websites can be up and running in as little as 1-2 months, more complex ones in usually 3-5 months (because we do not want to publish a website that we are not happy with:)

What platform is it based on?

All website are created on Wordpress platform. Why? Over the years, almost all my clients have requested this platform, as it has many benefits - quicker website production process, familiar CMS (Content Management System), easy use of website for clients and their employees and lower production costs, which makes it financially and practically easier to update the look of website more often (usually each 3-5 years).

Who is this service for?

Wordpress websites are ideal for personal brands, bloggers,  smaller companies and agencies, smaller-scale online magazines, hotels and accommodation providers, e-shops with lower number of products, coffee places and event agencies... There are plenty of options.

What happens after we launch the website?

After final handover, the website is fully operational and functional, with training of use provided during the handover meeting. However, websites are just like cars - if we do not look after them, their life-spam reduces. Therefore, I offer all my clients 2 support plans for maintenance of the website, making sure it is always up-to-date and protected against the attacks and fallbacks.

Basic Support

for basic maintenance
€ 250per year
  • - Cover of domain & webhosting costs (up to € 100)
  • - Regular updates on basic plugins
  • - Industry-standard secure system

Support Pro

for top-end support
€ 400per year
  • - Cover of domain & webhosting costs
  • - Regular updates on all plugins
  • - Advanced secure system against attacks
  • - Client support